Starting territory Each gang starts with 5 territories as shown on the map

Each gang may claim one territory for free at the start of the campaighn

After each game a gang may attempt to claim new territory in the same way as you would generate income from exsisting territory. This means you must have a ganger available to claim a new territory.

(eg bob has 4 ganagers available he sends 3 to generate income from his current territory and one to claim a new hex)

You may claim as many hexs as you have available gangers (after income)

To claim a territory the player must hold an adjoining territory

If the territory is neutral the player may claim it unless challenged by another player

Players may only challenge if they hold an adjacent square

Players with Tunnels may challenge any square on the map

If the Challenger wins they may then claim the square in the next round if they do not already hold it

Players with Vents may Claim any square on the map

Any player who claims a tile adjacent to an enforcer watch house will face enforcers on a d6 roll of 4+

Otherwise challenge and claim as usual

If a player claims a territory that is already held by another gang the holding gang must challenge and will lose that territory if they lose the battle.

Isolated territories. For each territory captured that is not adjacent to another territory controlled by the gang roll a d6 on a roll of 6 that territory is lost add +1 for each adjoining territory controlled by an opposing gang.

After each game roll to determine the type of territory using the table in the necromunda core rules. Once revealed territories do not change regardless of how many times the change hands.

P.M. THE GM (tdoublej with your first moves)


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