The Orlock Massive

A small but hard-arse bunch ready to open a can o whoopasss!


Map colour: Red

Gang Leader Jael Sharakan w Laspistol, Chainsword And Frag grenades. 190

Heavy Jarr Barak Heavy Bolter, Knife, Frag Grenades 270

Heavy Fral Haka Flamer, Knife, Frag Grenades 130

Ganger Garm Thrace Shotgun, knife frag grenades 100

Ganger Roth Gaius Lasgun, Knife, Frag Grenades 105

Ganger Able Varn Autogun, Knife, Frag Grenades 100

Ganger Dekko Quint Laspistol, Maul, Frag grenades, Knife. 105


The Orlock Massive

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